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We all know that prevention is better than cure, but if you’re noticing an influx of bad creepy crawlies in your garden, try this natural recipe for success.

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Now you know your good insects from the bad, it’s time to take control over your garden! Preventing pests in the first place is better than trying to get rid of an established infestation; a good organic method is to plant garlic cloves throughout the garden, or to apply Eco Oil.

“The thing about pests and disease is that if you keep your garden well watered and fed and healthy, the infestation will be reduced because your plants won’t be as easily damaged,” says Adam Woodhams, Presenter of Garden Gurus TV Show & horticulturist.

If you’re worried nasties have already gotten the better of your garden, Woodhams suggests you try this home remedy for a bug spray.

You will need:

peeled cloves from one bulb of garlic
4-6 hot chillies
½ tablespoon of liquid soap or organic
dishwashing liquid
½ tablespoon of vegetable oil


Step 1. Throw all ingredients into a blender with 1½ cups of water and blend until smooth.

Step 2. Strain the mixture through a cloth or even a coffee fi lter to extract just the liquid.

Step 3. Top the liquid up with another 3 cups of water, mix thoroughly and that’s your bug spray!

Step 4. Apply directly to the bugs you are trying to eradicate, it’s especially effective on aphids.

**Warning: Wear gloves while you’re making this mix and when using it, as it can irritate sensitive skin. Don’t let it near your eyes either.


Henry Sapiecha

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